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If it is one of your dreams to spend the rest of your life in a sunny, warm and friendly environment with natural beauties all around you, Turkey and especially Antalya area in Turkey would be a fine destination to consider.

Turkey is a continuously growing country which has a lot to offer in the means of real estate property. Which is why Turkey/Antalya is one of the hot spots for buying property for foreigners all over the world.

Statistics now show that especially British and German natives prefer simply to buy property in Antalya as a retirement plan as well as an investment to profit in the near future.

Why Turkey?

In May 2012, the article 35 of the Turkish Land Registry Law No. 2644 has been amended by Law No. 6302. Formerly, buyers from several countries such as UK, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Germany were allowed to buy property in Turkey within some limitations. With the passing of the new regulation, buyers from almost 129 countries including Russia and middle eastern countries are now able to buy real estate property in Turkey within the same limitations since the mentioned decree abolished the reciprocity principle that banned buyers of some countries where Turkish citizens could not buy real estate.

Based on the recent researches of The Real Estate Investment Companies Association an estimation of Turkish property market is rising from the current amount of 2.5 billion dollars a year to almost 10 billion dollars a year, is quite realistic.

The Land Registry General Directorate of Turkey has released new figures regarding foreign nationals real estate property ownership in Turkey. According to those numbers 73,000 overseas buyers officially own property in Turkey which is equating almost 38.5 million square meters of physical land.

Those facts all support the idea of buying a property in Turkey as an investment. Regardless of your intentions to buy property abroad, over the years Turkey has proven to be a viable choice to live, offers various job alternatives for foreigners with a great capacity of tourism and even just as an investment has a lot to return to its investor.

Where in Turkey?

When you decide to buy real estate in Turkey the answer to your question of "where in Turkey?" is simply ANTALYA...

As explained above, Turkey is a hotspot to buy real estate property for foreign buyers. But with limited source a buyer must decide where to buy the property. If you are looking for a place in Turkey to buy Antalya is the right place for you.

Researches show that foreign buyers have three main intent when they purchase property abroad.

The first intent to buy property is as a retirement plan and spend the most valuable years of your life in a sunny, beautiful and also affordable habitat. Antalya city offers a stunning area of natural beauty as well as ancient cities around to explore, forests, valleys and caves to visit nearby, a possibility to swim and snow skiing in the same time of the year. That is why a lot of foreign people especially from a wet climate are already buying property in Antalya.

The second intent is to start new work abroad. Especially people around the age of 25 - 45 are in search of different cultural taste and looking forward to establish a totally new life overseas. Antalya has a great tourism capacity as well as an industrial background which creates various job opportunities every year. Especially foreign language natives of all kind are an increasing demand for Antalya and with the affordable prices the city offers, Antalya is more than capable of meeting the needs of the buyers with the intent to start a new work abroad.

The third and maybe the most common intent for buying property abroad is simply as an investment. As mentioned above, throughout the Turkey real estate market is thriving and for that matter Antalya is no exception. Real estate prices in Antalya has risen averagely %50 in 2007 to 2012 in spite of the global economic retardation. In Antalya region it is possible to buy a three bedroom sea view apartment to an affordable price comparing north European and other Mediterranean seaside countries. It is now almost a common knowledge that real estate investment in Antalya is always a good investment.

The Procedure For Foreigners To Buy Real Estate Property In Turkey

Since Turkey is a highly demanded country for foreigners to buy real estate, it is important for buyers to take precautions and stay alert of the proceedings while purchasing the property. Turkish law differs from other countries' laws in the sense of immovable property regulations and its legal proceedings. Also, like every other country in Turkey, law act as if it is a living organism and constantly changes to adopt itself for current needs. Therefore for foreign buyers, being properly consulted on legal aspects of the purchase carries the utmost importance.

For foreigners to buy real estate property in Turkey, Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry has published a review to guide the buyers in general. Though this guide does not carry a legal advisory value, it describes the general terms and substantial grounds of the transaction. You may reach this document here:

Legal Aid and Consultancy in Real Estate Property Purchases In Turkey / Antalya

As you review the web page mentioned above, you will comprehend the necessity to have a legal consultation from a Turkish attorney before and during the real estate property purchasing process.

Since Turkish courts have the jurisdiction to solve any dispute arises from immovable property in Turkey, it is highly important for the foreign buyer to have legal consultancy before and during the purchase.

As Elal Law Office, we are proud to say that we are very fluent in English Language and glad to serve foreign clients. Our office provides legal services in every step of your immovable property purchase, attached legal transactions and make sure your rights are legally protected before the Turkish courts.