Preventive Advocacy

Aiming to gain benefit from happiness rather than troubles of the clients, ELAL Law Office intends to provide services in direction of the concept of "preventive advocacy" instead of providing legal services just in form of "advocacy for problems".

"Preventive law" implies to bring any situation which may cause trouble to your attention before the occurrence of a problem and to take necessary measures just as the "preventive medicine" if the saying is true.

Preventive advocacy means to be with you upon your request in all your legal works and procedures, primarily contracts and partnership or company foundations in this scope, movable/immovable property purchase-sale-donation procedures, statements of service or employment. By this means, many potential problems to arise in the future may be prevented or judged in your favor. Thus, our clients stand aside from entering into a long and high-cost judicial process and possible legal problems may be resolved before occurrence.