Practice Areas

Law is everywhere human as a social entity in nature exists. Law is the whole body of rules regulating human behaviors. Law aims to ensure peace, comfort and safety in a society with these rules. The distinction of the rules of law compare to other rules of conduct is the practice of “sanction” as a result of contradiction with these rules.

Law is a whole and composed of a number of components which are interconnected and complement each other. Almost all legal concern may be resolved by implementation of multiple fields of law together. Nevertheless, a professional practice of law requires specialization in certain fields.

ELAL Law Office provides services in the following practice areas;

- EU Law

- Family Law

- Criminal Law

- Real Estate Law

- Law of Execution

- Administrative Law

- Human Rights Law

- Construction Law

- Labor Law

- Leasing Law

- Law of Persons

- Law of Cooperatives

- Law of Inheritance

- Health Law

- Insurance Law

- Commercial Law

- Tourism Law

- Consumers Law

- Nationality Law

- Law of Foreigners.