Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney is required to proceed and conclude the works of natural and legal entities in many issues, and to commence and follow-up case and executive proceedings.

Power of attorney is a certificate including the signature of person who give the power of attorney and issued in the name of the attorney by a public notary if the person is in Turkey or by the authorized consulate in the relevant place if the person is abroad.

Lawyers may not act in the name of clients without power of attorney and may not represent these persons before judiciary and other governmental agencies in the capacity of an attorney. For this reason, power of attorney is a highly important certificate in terms of the relation between attorney – client.

Powers of attorney vary with the purpose and job for which they are issued. "General proxy" which does not have a special characteristic, and is used for an ordinary case or execution proceeding are available in public notaries as a ready form.

For the powers of attorney to be issued by public notaries, consulates or foreign notaries or authorized bodies, ID number and address of the Attorney to be appointed as proxy and the name of the Bar Association he/she is registered are necessary.

As we also stated above, since the powers of attorney vary with the purpose and job for which they are issued we recommend you to contact us in our office to avoid from waste of time and effort before giving a power of attorney.

Always consult us and get information before issuing a power of attorney.
Warning: Details given in this page about power of attorney is just for the purpose of providing general information, so our office does not undertake any legal commitment and liability in consideration of the details given in this page.