Law of Execution

Practice of "law of execution" has become considerably important by the increase in economic and social relations and the problems accompanied by them. When any creditor achieves no result from the methods of reconciliation, then the need for applying to state bodies arises. In the basic meaning, the subject matter of the law of execution is the process regarding that any creditor gets his/her receivable by means of state force. Even though the practice of law of execution comes into prominence mostly in terms of collection of money receivables, law of execution may also be needed in many other fields.

Our office provides services of law of execution practices in a wide sense regarding the collection of money receivables, delivery of a child sentenced by the courts, establishment of personal relations with the relevant child, evacuation and delivery of immovable properties, delivery of movables, and practice of the resolutions made to prevent confiscation and performance or nonperformance of a task.