Labor Law

One of the fields of law closely related with everyday life and interested by almost everyone is the labor law. The field of law that affects our daily life and deals with the issues such as protection of workers and establishment of a fair balance between the parties, ensuring peace of work and welfare in this area, settlement of disputes to arise between the parties, fulfillment of new requirements caused by the variable and dynamic character of working life, and makes some interventions in employee-employer relations is the labor law. Even though law makers try to make a regulation ideal both for employees and employers and to establish the most proper order between the parties, of course a number of problems caused by the labor law are also encountered. In Antalya city, where unstable field of tourism is main source of income, there are vast legal problems caused in regard of labor law.

Our office serves for resolution of all kinds of problems to be encountered in the practice area of labor law, and we deal with the problems caused by the labor law as a solution partner by taking care of the interests of all our clients, both employees and employers. In addition to Hasan Elal's 40 years of experience in practice, Att. at Law Çağla Elal Nazlı also has an expert certificate on labor law. Furtermore, our attorneys work co-ordinated with other specialists from the field to serve better to our clients.