Human Rights Law

Even though the "Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms" have been adopted in principle as a universal fact in intellectual sense until the 20thcentury, it could not gain the same practicability efficaciously until the second half of the last century. However, a positive legislation started to be created on this subject matter since the international relations and control of these relations have gained functionality and technology, so means of communication has developed in the last 60 years. This international legislation having been created ensured that individual fundamental rights and freedoms are effectively taken under constitutional guarantee in national laws.

Human rights and fundamental freedoms imply some inviolable, unassignable and indefeasible guarantees dependent on personality of people in the widest expression. These guarantees are not only protected by the national order but also by the judicial bodies.

In our office, services orienting to the resolution of all kinds of problems which are within the field of human rights law and resulted in violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of a person are provided and our clients are represented before national and international judiciary and authorities in this field.