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The synergy in 40 years of experience and dynamism of age 30 ...

In the developing world, the relations diversified in parallel with this development increase the requirement of individuals and organizations to claim their rights.

Fulfillment of this requirement, namely acquiring "the rights" becomes more difficult to the same extent due to a number of reasons such as technological improvements, opening of new practice fields in law. If we also consider the ever changing structure of "procedural law" and the terms of the legal terminology different and unfamiliar for daily life, people with no law education are not only so far from acquiring their rights in the endless labyrinths of the judicial procedure, but also almost unable to make themselves understandable.

However, one of the most fundamental rules of the law is "IGNORANCE OF THE LAW DOES NOT EXCUSE" (ignorantia juris non excusat). If this Roman Law - based principle and the structure of law difficult to be understood for those who are not lawyer are taken into account, the significance and esteem of the profession of "attorneyship" are better understood.

The consideration reconciled by everyone is that human being is a social entity who establishes a state, makes politics and so needs law, and lives with other people together within the frame of certain rules. Undoubtedly, almost everyone has encountered or would encounter with a legal problem in any term of life by reason of being a social entity. This is where "the attorney" is needed. An attorney at law or a lawyer will assure that the person is being represented as required and ideally before the judicial authorities and precludes any possible loss of benefits for that person.

Socrates said "There is no need for a lamp to seek injustice". When injustice happens or even just the possibility of injustice occurs before it happens, the best thing you will do is to consult an attorney who would best represent you and your interests. Instead of struggling with treatment after catching a disease, preventing the disease by taking necessary measures is much more economical, healthier and beneficial. In this context, we are determined to serve our clients both on advisory and executionary basis to their best interest, presenting a tailor-made solution meeting their needs.

Having a great tourism capacity, developing commercial and economic potential, Antalya deserves to access for a high qualified attorneyship and consultancy service.

ELAL Law Office maintains its legal work accordingly with the above mentioned principle and aims to be a solution partner to legal problems.

ELAL Law Office which became a boutique office by the partnership of Attorney Çağla ELAL NAZLI with her father Attorney Hasan ELAL who has worked as an attorney since 1976 is ready to share its legal accumulation, experience and energy with you and continues to provide legal services for you.